Paul Turzanski - Architect | Innovator in 3D, VR, and AI Technologies | CEO at PCollective

Paul is an architect with a deep passion for 3D visualization. With over eight years of expertise, he specializes in architectural design and visualizations.

Founded PCollective, a hub where beauty meets perfection in the 3D and VR architectural world.

His international experience includes collaborating with high-end companies, notably as the VR Director and Senior 3D Artist at Legard Studio in New York.

There, he led a team of seven 3D specialists, focusing on high-end residential, retail, and hospitality projects. Paweł's work is a testament to his mastery of merging technical skill with aesthetic vision.

CEO | Architect | 3D and VR Specialist
September 2020 - Present
○ Elevating interior design through innovative 3D, VR, and AI technologies, creating immersive and revolutionary architectural experiences.
○ Spearheaded projects focusing on high-end residential, retail, and hospitality sectors, enhancing their appeal and functionality with advanced visualizations and VR integrations.
○ Leading a talented team in developing bespoke solutions that merge beauty with precision, ensuring each project is a testament to our commitment to excellence.
Legeard Studio
VR Director and Senior 3D Artist
June 2022 - April 2023
○ Managed a team of 7 3D specialists, overseeing the production of VR experiences tailored for high-end architectural visualizations.
○ Conducted strategic planning including roadmaps, time estimations, and market research, which significantly improved project delivery times and client satisfaction.
○ Directed the art and design processes, ensuring all visual productions met our high standards for photorealistic quality and aesthetic integrity.
Workroom Group
3D Artist
December 2018 - March 2019
○ Specialized in VR/AR design solutions for Unity applications, focusing on modeling and texturing to create immersive environments and experiences.
○ Produced photorealistic 3D visualizations and animations, as well as 360 photorealistic 3D images for comprehensive architectural presentations.
○ Contributed to high-profile projects such as the "Mennica Legacy Tower," which involved detailed virtual reality presentations to showcase architectural proposals and interior designs to clients.
3D Artist
June 2016 - February 2017
○ Engaged in architecture design and 3D visualization projects that required high-level modeling, texturing, and real-time rendering skills.
○ Developed a 3D&VR real estate application that allowed for interactive customer experiences, enhancing the sales process by providing clients with a virtual walk-through of their potential spaces.
○ Implemented look-dev and post-production techniques to create photorealistic materials and scenes, optimizing for performance and visual impact.
Wroclaw University of Science and Technology
Bachelor of Architecture - BArch
2014 - 2020
○ Graduated with a focus on integrating new technologies such as VR and AI with traditional architectural practices.
○ Completed a thesis on "The Impact of Virtual Reality on Modern Architecture," which explored how immersive technology can transform the design and presentation stages of architectural projects.
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